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1 Intense Year. 3 Talented people. Hours of Creativity & Commitment

It is day two (#561) since I started booking time out from my daytime career to my new adventure – CoffeeDogⓇ Craft Spirits Brewing Kit.

After years of making personal gifts for family and friends, I soon realized that this liqueur is pretty superior to others. Everyone was wanting the recipe and asking how to make it themselves.  I kept the recipe a personal secret and now I have been inspired to share this with everyone!

It has been done!  I can’t believe it myself.  This whole CoffeeDog™ kit idea, created with a lot of love and affections has now been realized for you to make, so you can be the master of your very own CoffeeDogⓇ premier celebration!

After painting and recarpeting our new CoffeeDogⓇ headquarters, I needed to create the perfect environment that we could design the most enticing craft brewing experience just for you. With my best friend and husband, Jeffrey Hersh, and my great pal Roger Justin Yau, we have developed a perfect way for you to make this CoffeeDogⓇ at home.

Our kit has all of the ingredients in the highest standard ready for you to order in one complete kit. Those special bottles with adorable labels are definitely included. The bottles were always the hardest thing for me to create.  Now you do not have to worry one bit.  All of the labor-intensive hunting for the right bottle form factors, label design, caps, shrink wrap bands, etc., not to mention the sanitization process, have already been done by us and the only part for you  is to enjoy crafting this liqueur with love and kindness.

I had no idea how complicated setting up a business is.  I have read and learned so much about the different city, state and federal agencies that oversee a business such as ours.  Now I have all of these permits and licenses. This has taken about one intense year. Three talented people. Hours of creativity and commitment.

Thank you for making it happen.

P.S. I am so proud to say that we have finally been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to use CoffeeDog® – with the federally registered symbol…YAY! And yes, we are officially vegan certified by!


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