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CoffeeDog® Craft Spirits Kit Video – Overview

Wouldn’t you like to take the leap from buying your gifts at a retail store to making them with your love and attention…always knowing that the product you are crafting is of the finest ingredients? Yes. Cheers to you!

Homebrewing The Perfect Coffee Liqueur (


Our premium CoffeeDog® Craft Spirits Kit uses only 100% pure ingredients that are organic and has no preservatives: organic cane sugar, Madagascar vanilla beans, and organically grown coffee from California. All you need to provide is your favorite premium vodka. With our very easy to follow brewing instructions, you will be the superstar at your very own CoffeeDog® premiere celebration!



– 1 Instruction cookbook with recipes for all things CoffeeDog® from cocktails to grilled turkey
– 10 Beautiful, pre-sanitized, and labelled glass bottles with caps and shrink wrap bands for the perfect presentation
– 1 Plastic bottle of 100% organic cane sugar
– 1 Pack of 100% pure California grown organic coffee
– 1 Tube of 100% pure Madagascar vanilla beans

This kit makes ten bottles of 8 fl. oz. uniquely delicious craft spirits.

***Please note that no alcohol ingredient is included in this kit***

Overview Video:

Full Tutorial:


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