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CoffeeDog® – A Day At The Races – Churchill Downs

September 18, 2015 – It wasn’t just any other day, it was a “day at the races” with CoffeeDog®. Churchill Downs, located on Central Avenue in south Louisville, Kentucky, United States, is a Thoroughbred racetrack most famous for hosting the Kentucky Derby annually¹.Churchill-Downs-Horse-Races---jeff-and-rick (

Churchill Downs was scheduled to open at 11:30 am. Jeffrey and I were already waiting by the gates at 11:00 am so we would not miss any of the race action. We entered at Gate 10, which was the entrance to go to the Jockey Club through the paddock area.

After buying some programs, handicapper forms and scratch sheets we went to the Jockey Club  through the glass doors, up the elevators to the top floor and into our suite where you could see the entire track, infield, and the winners circle.

Mint Juleps for everyone, of course. This was the real deal and every detail was to be celebrated.  It was time to place our bets. CoffeeDog® was sponsoring Race #3, so I had to bet on this before I could think about the other races.

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Our Jockey Club host, John, came to our suite and explained how we would be escorted to the winners circle a half an hour prior to our race to present the winning horse, its jockey, and its owner with the first place trophy. On our way to the presentation we were taken through the paddock area.  This was where the horses were saddled up and prepared for the race.  We watched how the trainers, the jockeys, and the horses created the perfect synergy for such a prestige event. It was intense. The horses were so large and strong but the jockeys were around 5 feet tall and weighed about 110 pounds.  It was hard to tell who was in charge when the two finally teamed up.

“First Call” was played by the trumpet and then it was about time for the action to begin.
We were in the snake pit waiting for the announcer to say: “And there off!” The moment couldn’t have been more exciting.  As the race leader was called out, “It is 4 by a nose, 2 is coming up on the outside, now it is 3 by a length, 5 is making a move.”  “Heading into the last turn it is 2 and 4.  This could be a photo finish. Now it is 2 by a nose headed for the finish line. It is 2!”
From the screaming and cheering you could not hear anything but the roar of the crowd.
The winning jockey was smiling from ear to ear as you could imagine.  The winning jockey’s name was Jon Court and the champion horse was Lil Abby Jo.  It was really great to meet them and we went on to present the first place trophy to Jon and Lil Abby Jo in the winners circle.  The race was one mile and they ran it in 1:39.09 and the purse was $12,500.
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This was the most exciting day at the races. And CoffeeDog® was really honored to be involved in this event!

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CoffeeDog® - A Day At The Races - Churchill Downs
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CoffeeDog® - A Day At The Races - Churchill Downs
This was the most exciting day at the Churchill Downs races. And CoffeeDog® was really honored to be involved in this event!
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